1. the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.

Good Food, Good Mood was established after I realised how often I was asking myself the difficult question of "Where and what should we eat today?". The Melbourne food scene truly makes us spoilt for choice, so I am hoping my honest reviews can act as a guide for any occasion - from cheap eats to fine dining, to burgers and pizza on cheat days, to fresh and healthy on cutting days. Recommendations on places to try and review are always welcome, just leave a comment.

All photos are taken with my Samsung Note 4 or Sony NEX-F3 unless stated otherwise. Thanks for dropping by!

- Lisa Pizza xo

P.S. Shoutout to my friends and family who dine with me - thanks for not picking up your cutlery when the food comes out so I can take all my food photos... y'all know my camera eats first haha.

Fonda Mexican

Mexican food. It's everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plagued the city streets with Mad Mex franchises and Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill. Mamasita. Senoritas. Touche Hombre. And how introducing FONDA MEXICAN cos I am so fond-of mexican food.
Lame? Sorry. (sorry but not sorry though)

After a long night of work, we decided to drive to Swan Street for dinner. If you toggle down this page and have a look at the photos, do not laugh at us for ordering chunky chips. We could have used that money to buy another taco. I was craving fries (even though I have a ridiculous cold) but the aioli sauce was overwhelming on my taste buds, and the fries weren't even crispy. Taught me a lesson to never order fries with Mexican food EVA AGEN. 

I was pretty happy with the fact that Fonda closes at 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights. It also wasn't as packed as I had imagined. Touche Hombre is an absolute nightmare to wait for, especially with the small, dark setting. As you can tell from the photo above of the seats, Fonda has a bright setting. The table where I was sitting on the night was up high against the wall. Felt like I was a baybeh in a high chair all over again.

The image below is a fish taco. They only have three tacos at Fonda. Fish. Beef. Vego. That's it. THAT'S IT??!??!?!
*sad face :(((((((((((((((((((((((

^ Fish soft shell taco - $6
Pretty good but they do it better at Touche Hombre. You can do this at home, buy a box of frozen fish sticks, make an avocado paste and buy a bag of coleslaw salad. WHY AM I NOT A CHEF ALREADY?! hohoho
^ bloody spicy chorizo quesadillas for $12.
The cheese in the quesadillas was not toasted properly so I found myself dealing with chunks of meat dropping at the bottom of my slice (which is rather unappealing).
That brown sauce on the tips of the quesadilla is 'salsa roja', and it is extremely evil for people who cannot handle spicy food (me).
^ fat chips ($6) that were a bit soggy but we forgave them because we did arrive pretty late and they were almost closing
^ Instagram: badasiandriver 

I just HAD TO caption this photo with lyrics from THE Vampire Weekend song because I had no idea what a horchata was until the beginning of this year so I thought to myself where on earth have I been all my life without having the knowledge of what a horchata is and how delicious it tastes because I love cinnamon and milk and now I love horchatas.
At a small price of $4.50 you can't complain.

Fonda Mexican
248 Swan Street Richmond 3121
Just past Church Street
9429 0085

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