1. the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.

Good Food, Good Mood was established after I realised how often I was asking myself the difficult question of "Where and what should we eat today?". The Melbourne food scene truly makes us spoilt for choice, so I am hoping my honest reviews can act as a guide for any occasion - from cheap eats to fine dining, to burgers and pizza on cheat days, to fresh and healthy on cutting days. Recommendations on places to try and review are always welcome, just leave a comment.

All photos are taken with my Samsung Note 4 or Sony NEX-F3 unless stated otherwise. Thanks for dropping by!

- Lisa Pizza xo

P.S. Shoutout to my friends and family who dine with me - thanks for not picking up your cutlery when the food comes out so I can take all my food photos... y'all know my camera eats first haha.

Twenty & Six Espresso

Twenty and Six Espresso
Address: 594 Queensberry Street North Melbourne 3051
Contact: 93290298
Hours: Weekdays 7:30am - 3:30pm, Weekends 8am - 3:30pm, CLOSED TUESDAYS.
Price: $$
Website: http://www.twentyandsix.com.au/

Twenty & Six Espresso on Urbanspoon

H E L L O  Loyal Readers!

I am finally wiping the dust off this neglected food blog and am willing to commit to sharing more food experiences with you, more often. My recent brunch visit was at Twenty & Six Espresso, located on the dainty streets of North Melbourne. I was extremely pleased with the menu, as prices were all under $20. The first thing that caught my attention were the two heavenly words 'pork belly' so I knew I had no other option but to order it. 

Interesting drink menu!
It's quite rare to see a beverage such as 'Horchata' on a menu at a non-Mexican place. Don't get me wrong though, I love the rice and cinnamon flavour combination ever since I tried it for the first time at Mamasita. 

Iced Coffee $4.50, Latte $4.00
The weather on Monday was a bit moody for 25 degrees, but warm enough to have an iced beverage. It was unsweetened and strong, just the way I like it. 

Crispy pork belly, pork and fennel sausage, braised cannellini beans, silverbeet, garlic toast and slow poached egg $20.00
Holey moley. One of my favourite brunch dishes, EVER. The flavour of the beans were not too overpowering and the egg was cooked to perfection. For the main component of the dish, the pork belly, the knife just cut into it so easily and the pork melted in your mouth. Every one loves a bit of crackling!!! I wish the waiter gave me a a warning about how HOT the mini saucepan was, because I overlooked it and almost burnt myself trying to move it around. 

Smoked ham hock, pea puree, fresh peas, pea leaves, two poached eggs and toast $15.00
The best friend ordered this dish, a simple yet refreshing combination of ham and peas. The shredded ham was tender and not chewy at all, despite the rough look. The toast was a bit tough and chewy but the pea puree texture was consistent and not too sweet. Pea leaves are a popular addition to place on top of breakfast / lunch dishes. Love me some greens. I personally wouldn't order this dish, especially due to the small portion of food. Considering you are paying $15, you would think that they would put more ham on the plate!

Simple yet modern looking decor for the typical North Melbourne suburbia location. There is a courtyard located in the back, but we didn't get an opportunity to have a look. I'm sure it would be as nicely decorated as it is inside. This just gives me an excuse to pay another visit ;) I love cafes in North Melbourne, especially Auction Rooms, because they have so much to offer in terms of creativity and really good coffee!!! 

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