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Autumn is dull and cold. I miss summer, beaches, seasonal fruits and just the idea of being on holidays. As winter draws near, it is a sad realisation that twelve weeks of information will need to be vomitted out in a span of 2-3 hours. This ordeal is also known as 'examinations'. I'm already in week 12 (thank jebus) but that only means that I need to start revising, pronto. Sorry for the blogging hiatus, please expect more delays until the 14th of June until I can reclaim my month long freedom in this academic year. I'm so blessed to have friends that are keeping me sane during this stressful period by accompanying me with food and drinks all over Melbourne. Today was spent at Lady Bower Kitchen, a not-so-new cafe located just off Broadway. Local gems who use local produce will always get the thumbs up from me! I have not personally experienced any issues with LBK but I will definitely let my loyal readers know of any in the future!

This blog post is just about coffee and snacks... we didn't order any 'real' meals today :)

Latte - $3.50
Judging my the mixed reviews on Urbanspoon, the majority seem to be unimpressed by their coffee. I was satisfied with it, especially as they use 5 Senses Coffee. I went to the airport on Saturday and Café Vue also use the same! The only thing that bothered me is that the sugar jars on the tables don't have individual spoons so I accidentally put in too much as I was pouring it. 

LBK doesn't have syrups if you're looking to have a caramel or hazelnut latte which is a shame.

Red Velvet Cupcake - $3.50
A ordered this so I don't have a opinion on this. She finished it so I guess it was delicious :) 

Hot Chocolate - $3.00
A and S ordered the hot chocolate. I was unimpressed at the fact that it came in a coffee glass, not a mug. I would always associate hot chocolates in mugs but I guess each cafe does it differently.

Scones - $4.00
The sweets are presented next to the register and the thing that caught my eye the most were the scones. They were MASSIVE (but not as big as the ones at Miss Marple's Tea Room of course). I couldn't look past it as we walked in. I asked for the biggest scone (because there was a bigger one than the one I was given) but he must've forgotten when they were preparing it. 

The thing that surprised me the most was the condiments that were given with the scone. Instead of your traditional cream and strawberry jam, I was given cream with LEMON CURD, SPICED PLUM and FEIOJOA. I had no idea what the last one was so I just stuck by the lemon curd and the spiced plum. I love the creativity as I have never eaten scones with different spreads before. I felt bad for not eating all the spreads because it was such a waste :(

Judging by the photos, the place is very 'Brunswick Street' and 'hipster' - something you would see on Frankie Magazine. The last time I paid a visit, I just ordered coffee with a grilled chicken sandwich and I felt underdressed in my running attire. I'll definitely be back to order a real meal next time, especially since it is SO close to home. The menu is seasonal and limited, but despite this the ingredients to make the dish are so exciting. They also have hand shaken milkshakes - the new flavour being lamington! I definitely need to go back now :) I can only hope that I continue to avoid the bad employees that have been highlighted in the reviews on Urbanspoon. There have been some harsh remarks about particular waiters who are 'shocking' and 'surly'. Not a good quality for a cafe in this day and age where customers can just take their business elsewhere.

Lady Bower Kitchen
Address: 1a Marchant Avenue Reservoir 3073
Contact: 94695851
Hours: Tues-Sunday 8am-4pm
Price: $$

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